Fuel Espresso is a leading premium espresso brand with locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Wellington, New Zealand.

Fuel Espresso’s focus is the pursuit of the perfect espresso. The Fuel story began in Coorg in Southern India some 150 years ago. Here, Founder Sanjay Ponnapa’s family grew coffee beans in what is now recognised as one of the world’s most highly-prized coffee growing regions.

Espresso isn’t an art or a science, it’s a craft. A skill that comes from time and an intangible sensory feel. It comes from a deep commitment to perfection at every stage of the process – from bean selection, to blending and roasting, to the skill of the barista and finally to the cup and the environment it’s savoured in. Within this process are thousands of tiny details – many will seem inconsequential to most- but to the cognoscenti of espresso, these details are revealed in that 16 seconds of extraction, and the knowledge that, with espresso, there is nowhere to hide. Fuel Espresso proudly serves the gold standard of classic Italian espresso coffee from each and every one of its boutiques.

It takes precisely 16 seconds to extract the perfect espresso. But it has taken Fuel Espresso five generations to master it.